The only color a Queen is, Is Pink!

Hello, Names Amanda
-17, -Fem, -Gemini, -May 30
Just a cute blog, I post a bunch of fandoms and stuff. I love Pastel Goth, Bagginshield and Lolita and a lot of other cute things. I like fandoms and stuff. So yeah. wanna ask anything its open and im also Pan-Sexual. and I don't know if anything I said is relevant, sorry. so yeah im crawl back to my hobbit hole.

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Charlotte and I handmade our outfits for the French Cafe Garden Party in Le Manoir de l’Île aux Loups. It was a magical day and was amazing to wear nearly 3 months of hard work and feel like princes!

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Hats by Peacockalorum
Blouses by The Floral Notebook & Innocent World

Everything is so amazing ;^;  (I don’t stop saying that. yeah. Might be the 5th time I’m saying it.)

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iimmy choo MAN with kit harington

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has this been done yet

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